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Project Name: Costanera Center 

Height: 300 m                                   

Project description:On February 14, 2012, the Costa Nera Center, with a total height of 300 meters, was crowned in the Chilean capital Santiago, becoming the tallest building in Latin America. This skyscraper, located on the banks of the Mapo River in eastern San Diego, has a total of 63 floors. Construction began in June 2006 and was completed in early 2012. Chile is a country prone to earthquakes. In terms of seismic isolation technology, the Costa Nera Center has adopted shock absorbers on the main body of the building. This copper instrument is similar to a spring, with fast response and super toughness. It is inserted into the diagonal structure of the building to cushion the damage caused by earthquakes. With its excellent quality system, years of mature engineering and technical teams, and mature promotion in regional markets, Guangya Aluminum Industry Group is fortunate to become one of the important successful bidding enterprises, providing important curtain walls and door and window main structural profiles with superior performance and high quality recognition and evaluation from the local government

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