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In simple terms, a photovoltaic sunroom is a type of sunroom that can generate electricity. Its exterior design is very unique, and it can save a lot of electricity by sunbathing every day.


Photovoltaic power generation sunlight room, as a type of sunlight room, enables people to admire the scenery of nature. At the same time, it can also create a more comfortable space, which is more suitable for entertainment and sports. 


Features of Photovoltaic sunroom 

Alloy Standard Surface Treatment Further Process Certificate
6005 T5/T6 GB 5237-2008, ASTM B221, EN755-9, EN12020, JIS. Mill finish, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Wooden grain, Electrophoresis, PVDF Painting,etc. Drilling, Bending, Welding, Precise cutting, Punching, Fabrication of finished products, etc.  CE,SGS,ISO9001,RoHS
6060 T5/T6
6061 T5/T6
6063 T5/T6
6463 T5/T6
6082 T5/T6


The Photovoltaic sunroom Advantage

1. Rich sunshine

In winter, the sunlight exposure is high and very abundant. As long as we choose suitable materials to build a photovoltaic sunroom, especially if the roof of the sunroom is made of transparent double glass modules from Jiaotong University Optics Valley or cadmium telluride small modules from Jiaotong University Optics Valley, we can ensure that sunlight can shine in all day long. In this way, the sunlight in the photovoltaic sunlight room is very abundant. We stayed in the sunshine, very comfortable. Photovoltaic sunrooms actually have many benefits. For example, it can supplement calcium to the child's body and promote their growth. In addition, sufficient sunlight can actually alleviate osteoporosis in the elderly. So the advantages of photovoltaic sunrooms are very obvious.


2. Wide vision

The photovoltaic sunlight room has a wider range of vision, making people feel open-minded. Because there is no obstruction around the photovoltaic sunlight room, all of which are made of transparent glass materials. Therefore, as long as we stand inside the sunlight room, we can see the outdoor scenery. It can broaden our horizons and hearts. In fact, from this perspective, it is also very beneficial for children's growth and for the health of the elderly.


3. Good performance

In fact, photovoltaic sunrooms can significantly increase the usable area of our indoor space. The walls of the sunrooms used as a whole are very thin, indicating an increase in indoor area. If it is a separate sunroom, connecting it to the original building structure not only increases transparency, but also allows for the utilization of these locations. For example, using a sunroom for enclosure can provide shelter from wind and rain, making it a great place to rest. If you choose the right glass, it can also filter ultraviolet rays, which is very practical.


Sunrooms are mostly used as small flower rooms to raise flowers, plants, fish, and insects. Because of good lighting and ventilation, this place is very suitable for the survival and growth of sunny animals and plants.





Frequently Aluminum Extrusion Profile Questions & Answers

  • What surface treatment can you produce?
  • Anodizing, Electrophoresis, Powder coating(PVDF is acceptable), Wood grain. Regarding powder coating, GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. supports any kind of RAL No. to match your special demands, or we can accept your color sample.
  • How long is your delivery time?
  • Generally it is 17-20 days after down payment if we have ready-made moulds. There will be 7-10 days more if making new moulds.
  • Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
  • Yes. We can offer the samples less than 30cm per piece by free charge and also pay the cost of freight.
  • What is the terms of payment?
  • T/T: 30% down payment in advance, balance before shipment. L/C: 100%LC at sight.
  • Can you supply custom aluminum fabrication?
  • Yes, as a leading custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer, GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. not only supplies extruded production process but also integrates all aluminum fabrication for you. Cutting to short length, drilling or punching hole, milling, CNC machining, welding, assembly, or packing are acceptable.

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