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Folding system





There are various types of windows, among which folding windows are often installed on balconies.


These folding windows can be opened by folding without affecting indoor lighting and ventilation, and are highly favored by many people

Features of Folding System 

Alloy Standard Surface Treatment Further Process Certificate
6005 T5/T6 GB 5237-2008, ASTM B221, EN755-9, EN12020, JIS. Mill finish, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Wooden grain, Electrophoresis, PVDF Painting,etc. Drilling, Bending, Welding, Precise cutting, Punching, Fabrication of finished products, etc.  CE,SGS,ISO9001,RoHS
6060 T5/T6
6061 T5/T6
6063 T5/T6
6463 T5/T6
6082 T5/T6


The Folding system Advantage

1. Not occupying space

Folding windows can push them to the side, which can to some extent solve the problem of insufficient balcony space. At present, the commonly used folding windows are mainly divided into two types, side hanging folding windows and sliding folding windows, and the appropriate window is selected according to the size of the space.


2. Excellent insulation and moisture resistance

Folding windows also have excellent insulation, heat and moisture resistance, as well as certain sound insulation and noise reduction effects. In the cold winter, close the folding windows to block the invasion of outdoor air conditioning, and combine them with light yellow lights to make the interior look very warm.


3. Excellent anti-theft performance

Folding protective windows, due to their unique materials and structural design, have excellent anti-theft effects and are the preferred anti-theft window for many families, enterprises and institutions. At the same time, folding windows also have excellent protective performance, which can prevent children and the elderly from falling from buildings and prevent accidents caused by falling objects from high-rise buildings. At the same time, the folding windows have a beautiful design, with no impact on lighting and ventilation, which meets the requirements of modern decoration and property management.


Aluminum  folding doors are widely use on residential and commercial space.Aluminum  folding door has thermal break profile frame,double tempered Low E glass, moder grill design decorations. Also can add retractable mosquito mesh on it if customer needed.





Frequently Aluminum Extrusion Profile Questions & Answers

  • What surface treatment can you produce?
  • Anodizing, Electrophoresis, Powder coating(PVDF is acceptable), Wood grain. Regarding powder coating, GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. supports any kind of RAL No. to match your special demands, or we can accept your color sample.
  • Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
  • Yes. We can offer the samples less than 30cm per piece by free charge and also pay the cost of freight.
  • What file type of drawing do you accept?
  • GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. accepts aluminum extrusion drawing files like DWG and PDF. Even if you have a rough sketch, our engineers will help in making drawings for free.
  • Is low MOQ for custom aluminum extrusion available?
  • Yes, we require low MOQ of 1 ton ONLY, if we customize Aluminum Extrusion for you, we will also supply a sample with a specific length for a review. After mold testing, We can modify the tooling for free according to your feedback on the sample.
  • How to work with GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. for custom aluminum extrusion?
  • Step 1:After getting your products detailed size or drawing, a cross-sectional drawing will be discussed and supplied by our engineers for you to confirm. Step 2:Die will be made for your custom aluminum extrusion first. And then Sample will be made and sent to you for confirmation. Step 3:We will modify the size of the die until you are satisfied with the sample. Step 4:We will inspect raw material using a spectrum analyzer, then go on with the extrusion production process and keep you updated on the progress every week. Step 5:Depending on the type of surface finish you want, GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. uses anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, wooden grain or PVDF. Step 6:Products will be carefully packaged to avoid any damage during transportation. Step 7: Loading report and product testing report will be supplied after shipping and track your goods every week until you receive them. Step 8:GUANG YA Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. will offer 7X24H VIP service and boost your local market sales.

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