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    The first "Zhixing Cup" Labor Skills Competition of Knowledge City Group was successfully held at Guangya Aluminum's Sanshui Base!

    June 04, 2024

    Craftsmanship competition, full firepower; hardcore PK, full process super combustion. On May 23rd, a series of celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Knowledge City Group and the first "Zhixing Cup" labor skills competition for aluminum production were held at the Foshan Sanshui Base of KCI Guangya Aluminum. This aluminum production frontline labor skills competition is the first competition of the first "Zhixing Cup" labor skills competition. The competition revolves around the aluminum production line and carefully sets up three major competition projects: inspection, forklift, and crane. The labor skills competition is an important platform for employees to showcase their skills, improve their quality, and grow into talents. Since its establishment, Guangya has always adhered to the core of skill cultivation and talent development as the guide. This skills competition is not only a comprehensive review of the skill level of Guangya employees, but also a powerful promotion to improve the overall quality of the company, promote technological progress and innovation, and provide solid technical support for the company's sustainable development and industrial upgrading.   With the start of the forklift on site, the cannon salute and thunderous applause, the competition officially opened. The competition is tense and intense, with various professional contestants showcasing their skills and talents. In the forklift competition, the driver showed his magic skills by operating the forklift to carry the red wine cup with half a cup of red wine and fold up the arhat. Such a delicate job, even a forklift can do it! At the crane competition field, employees use remote control to command a crane that is over ten meters high, carrying buckets to cross various obstacles.   This labor competition has provided a good platform for all participants to exchange skills, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and seek common development. It also demonstrates Guangya's determination to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmanship.

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  • Focusing on Glory and Moving Forward | Guangya Aluminum Wins the

    Focusing on Glory and Moving Forward | Guangya Aluminum Wins the "Focusing Award" for Selected Partners in AUPUP

    June 03, 2024

    On April 8th, under the guidance of the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Management Committee and hosted by the AUPUP Platform, the 2024 AUPUP Conference of "Five Lights Together, Gathering Stars and Flashing" was grandly held in Chongqing. Guangya Aluminum, as the preferred partner of the AUPUP platform, was invited to attend this conference and won the "Spotlight Award".        More than 400 enterprises participated in the conference, with over a thousand distinguished guests gathered together. Through in-depth exchanges and discussions, we achieved the integration of government and enterprise advantages, jointly promoted the upgrading and development of the industrial chain, shared excellent resources and management experience, explored new opportunities and challenges for development in the new era, and sought new paths for high-quality development.          To express our gratitude to our outstanding partners who have fought alongside AUPUP, the conference has set up a special recognition segment for the "Five Stars Together". Guangya Aluminum has successfully won the "spotlight award" for its strategic partnership with AUPUP over the years. The award not only represents the high recognition of Guangya Aluminum's products, technology, and services by Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and AUPUP Platform, but also embodies the expectation of further deepening cooperation between the two sides in the future.

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  • Knowledge of industrial profile

    Knowledge of industrial profile

    May 30, 2024

    Production standards, industrial aluminum profiles produced by legitimate manufacturers all comply with the European production standard ISO9001 quality management system. 90% of the standard industrial aluminum profile raw materials on the market are 6063-75. 6063 refers to the license plate of aluminum alloy, 775 is the classification mark for heat treatment, and it is artificially aged after cooling at the forming temperature. The standard slot width for industrial aluminum profiles is divided into slots 6, 8, and 10, which need to be selected according to your installation needs. It should be noted that interior accessories must be selected according to the slot width of the profile, otherwise there may be situations where the accessories cannot be inserted or fall off after being inserted. The material standard size produced by aluminum profile manufacturers on the market is 6.02 meters, so it can be cut freely within 6 meters. If you want a length of more than 6 meters, you need to produce it regularly. The cutting tolerance of most manufacturers on the market is plus or minus 0.5 millimeters. Cutting loss. Manufacturers who value quality usually cut a knife at both ends of the material before cutting, in order to ensure the verticality and flatness of the cutting surface. The cut material head, tail, and aluminum wire produced during cutting are commonly referred to as cutting losses

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    May 28, 2024

        This exhibition is an international trade exhibition dedicated to building materials, HVAC, doors and windows, floors, and solar glass and aluminum materials. It is hosted by ElanExpo, a Türkiye exhibition company. Through magazines, televisions, etc., the exhibition is promoted. The effects of the exhibitions held are very remarkable. The construction industry is one of the important pillars supporting Nigeria's economic development, and the Lagos International Building and Building Materials Exhibition in Nigeria provides an excellent opportunity for foreign businesses to explore the Nigerian market.       With an exhibition area of 5000 square meters, more than 200 exhibitors from 25 countries including China, India, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Türkiye, Germany, Italy, Yemen and other countries participated in the exhibition.       During the exhibition, many local merchants came to the booth to exchange and negotiate. They expressed great interest in Guangya's related products and solutions, and the on-site negotiation atmosphere was lively. Through continuous communication, not only has Guangya strengthened its cooperation and communication with foreign clients, but it has also brought greater prospects for Guangya's "going global". In the future, Guangya will adhere to consistent quality and help improve the quality and efficiency of overseas business.  

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  • Quality inspection of aluminum profiles

    Quality inspection of aluminum profiles

    May 21, 2024

    Quality inspection of aluminum profiles mainly include the following aspects, 1. Chemical composition The chemical composition of aluminum is one of the important factors affecting its performance. Aluminum generally requires the main component to be high-purity aluminum, while containing small amounts of added elements such as copper, manganese, magnesium, silicon, etc., to adjust the structure and properties of aluminum alloys. 2. Mechanical properties The mechanical properties of aluminum materials include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact toughness, and other indicators, which are related to the load-bearing capacity and durability of aluminum materials in use and are one of the most commonly used indicators. 3. Surface quality The surface quality of aluminum is an important indicator for evaluating the appearance quality of aluminum, mainly including defects, oxide skin, color, and gloss on the surface of aluminum. 4. Dimensional accuracy The dimensional accuracy of aluminum is an indicator for evaluating the dimensional deviation of aluminum, including straightness, flatness, angle, curvature, etc. The above indicators are the main contents of the quality standards for aluminum materials, and they are also key points that need to be paid attention to during the production and use of aluminum materials.  

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  • The reason for local black spots on the surface of aluminum alloys

    The reason for local black spots on the surface of aluminum alloys

    May 21, 2024

    In modern industry, due to the characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, their applications in aviation, machinery, automobiles, ships, and electronics industries are very extensive. In industrial production, aluminum and aluminum alloys need to undergo a series of processing and surface treatment in order to be made into the final product. During the processing, aluminum and its alloys undergo surface cleaning, storage, and metal casting processes, which may result in localized blackening and corrosion.   What is the reason for local black spots on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys?   1.Using corrosive cleaning agents During the surface treatment process of aluminum and aluminum alloys, highly corrosive industrial cleaning agents are used, causing corrosion to the substrate surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys, resulting in blackening of the aluminum surface. 2.Unreasonable storage environment The storage environment for aluminum and aluminum alloys is unreasonable. Aluminum and aluminum alloys are stored in environments with high temperatures, salinity, and humidity. In such environments, aluminum and aluminum alloys are prone to oxidation and blackening. 3.Inadequate cleaning Inadequate or uncleaned cleaning of aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces. After die casting and mechanical processing, aluminum and aluminum alloys are not thoroughly cleaned of cutting fluid, release agents, other corrosive components, stains, etc. on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys. These components remain on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys for a long time, leading to mold spots and localized blackening. 4.Failure to carry out post-processing in a timely manner The treatment process design of aluminum and aluminum alloys is unreasonable. After surface treatment such as cleaning and polishing, aluminum and aluminum alloys are not promptly treated for oxidation, resulting in corrosion, oxidation, and localized blackening of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

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  • Salt Spray Testing Of Aluminum Profiles

    Salt Spray Testing Of Aluminum Profiles

    May 13, 2024

    Salt spray testing is a common method used to assess the corrosion resistance of materials, including aluminum profiles. During this testing process, the aluminum profiles are exposed to a salty mist environment to simulate corrosive conditions that the profiles may encounter in real-world applications. The main purpose of salt spray testing for aluminum profiles is to evaluate their ability to withstand corrosion, which is a critical factor in determining their durability and longevity. By subjecting the profiles to a controlled salt spray environment for a specified period, manufacturers can assess how well the profiles resist corrosion and identify any potential weaknesses in their protective coatings or surface treatments. Salt spray testing is particularly important for aluminum profiles used in outdoor or marine applications, where they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including saltwater and humidity. By conducting this testing, manufacturers can ensure that their aluminum profiles meet industry standards for corrosion resistance and quality, helping to guarantee the performance and lifespan of the products.

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  • Guang Ya Aluminum Shines at the 135th Canton Fair

    Guang Ya Aluminum Shines at the 135th Canton Fair

    April 27, 2024

    Guang Ya Aluminum, a leading aluminum products manufacturer, made a significant impact at the recently concluded Canton Fair in Guangzhou. The company showcased a wide range of high-quality aluminum products, including extrusions, sheets, and profiles, attracting the attention of numerous industry professionals and buyers from around the world. Visitors to the Guang Ya Aluminum booth were impressed by the company's innovative designs, advanced manufacturing techniques, and commitment to sustainability. Guang Ya Aluminum's representatives were on hand to provide detailed information about their products and discuss potential collaborations with interested parties. The presence of Guang Ya Aluminum at the Canton Fair underscored the company's position as a key player in the aluminum industry. With a reputation for excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Guang Ya Aluminum continues to set new standards for quality and innovation in the market. Guang Ya Aluminum's participation in the Canton Fair was a resounding success, further cementing the company's reputation as a trusted provider of premium aluminum products. Industry observers are looking forward to seeing what new advancements Guang Ya Aluminum will bring to the market in the near future.

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  • Several common aluminum profile extrusion die problems and repair methods

    Several common aluminum profile extrusion die problems and repair methods

    April 15, 2024

    1. There are seams or poor welding Hollow aluminum alloy profiles are extruded using a plane shunt combination die. The metal goes through the process of shunting and welding, so there are welding lines in the hollow profiles. If the metal welding is not good and gaps appear, it is a defect. There are two reasons for the gap. One is that the shunt hole and the welding chamber are small, the metal flow is insufficient, and the metal does not form enough hydrostatic pressure in the welding chamber. The product is not welded well and flows out of the die hole, resulting in welding of the product. Gaps; the second is caused by excessive lubrication and poor lubrication causing poor welding of hollow profiles. The former can be solved by grinding or milling to enlarge the shunt hole and the welding chamber area, and increase the metal supply flow, so that the metal can form sufficient hydrostatic pressure in the welding chamber. The latter can be solved by using a non-lubricated extrusion process.   2. The wall of the aluminum alloy profile has a concave or convex arcuate surface. 1)The reason for the concave arcuate surface of the hollow aluminum alloy profile wall: the mold core working belt is lower than the lower mold hole working belt, and the effective length of the mold core working belt is too short. Correction method: Place a spacer ring between the mold core and the lower mold so that the mold core working belt is at the same height as the lower mold hole sizing belt under stress. At the same time, the same thickness is reduced at the outlet of the lower mold. 2)Reasons for the bulging of the hollow aluminum alloy profile wall: the mold has been used for too long, the mold core working belt is severely worn, grooves appear, and the friction resistance is increased. The slow metal flow causes the hollow profile wall to bulge. Correction method: If the profile wall thickness tolerance allows, you can file or polish the surface of the working belt of the mold core to reduce the friction resistance; if the wear of the mold core working belt is serious and the profile wall thickness has reached the upper deviation, the mold can be Preheat to about 300°C, repair weld the mold core shape, then file it to the required size and polish it before use; if the mold core working belt is not worn, file the outer obstruction and the inner stagnation of the mold core working belt. That’s it.   3. Surface stripes on aluminum alloy profiles Stripes appear on the outer surface of extruded profiles, which are more obvious after anodizing. This defect is mostly seen on the parts with large differences in wall thickness of the profile, the welding parts of the metal under the shunt bridge, and the back side with "branches" and threaded holes on the inside. cause: 1)The "branches" and threaded holes on the inside of the profile cause surface streaks due to insufficient or excessive metal supply; 2)Stripes on the profile surface caused by the wel...

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