• Empowering new industries to create a new future | Guang Ya aluminum industry's strength appeared at the 2022 South China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition
    August 16, 2022 Empowering new industries to create a new future | Guang Ya aluminum industry's strength appeared at the 2022 South China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition
    From August 10 to 12, the 2022 South China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition was grandly held in hall 6-7 of Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Based on Foshan, the core city of the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao" bay area, this exhibition focuses on the market frontier trend, deeply insight into the industry demand, and fully display the new products, new technologies, new processes and new applications of the whole industrial chain of the aluminum industry, including aluminum and aluminum alloys, aluminum processing materials, aluminum components, finished products, related mechanical equipment, auxiliary materials and consumables. As a well-known brand in the aluminum industry, Guang Ya aluminum made a brilliant appearance with its innovative application achievements in the aluminum industry. The related products displayed covered the application fields of photovoltaic new energy, automobile lightweight, 3C electronics, 5g communication, mechanical equipment, rail transit, aerospace and so on. It comprehensively presented the new mission and new action of the enterprise to respond to the "double carbon" (peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality)goal with innovative technology and help the green and efficient development of the industry, and highlighted the new mission and new action of  having a foothold Greater Bay Area, radiating the whole country and the new pattern and new results of going global which coincide with the theme of the exhibition and complement each other. In booth J10 of hall 7 in zone B, the exhibition hall in the shape of a tree bridge, the porcelain white visual design, and the scattered product display show that Guang Ya aluminum presents a simple space feeling different from the traditional exhibition hall, which has received the keen attention of customers and mainstream media throughout the country and attracted many visitors to stop and inquire. Among them, industrial aluminum materials represented by automobile lightweight, photovoltaic profile products and electronic communications have become the focus of the booth, with more attention than in previous years. Based on the current situation of the industry, with the decline of the real estate market demand and the implementation and promotion of the "double carbon" policy, the domestic aluminum consumption structure is undergoing profound changes. The new energy automobile, the photovoltaic and 5g industries are developing rapidly. In particular, there has been an "explosive" increase in 2021, which directly promotes the relevant industries from "policy driven" to "market driven" and enters the fast lane of the industry. Guang Ya aluminum is looking forward to laying out a high growth track, vigorously developing industrial materials, introducing the latest technology and cooperation through the combination of industry through university and research, accelerating the implementation of new produc...
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  • Aid to Hong Kong to fight the epidemic 丨Guangya Aluminum assists the construction of Hong Kong's Penny's Bay and Kai Tak community isolation projects
    June 20, 2022 Aid to Hong Kong to fight the epidemic 丨Guangya Aluminum assists the construction of Hong Kong's Penny's Bay and Kai Tak community isolation projects
    Act On The Orders And Take The Initiative In 2022, the domestic epidemic situation is severe, showing a multi-faceted situation. Shenzhen, Jilin, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places sound the epidemic alarm. Guangya Aluminum is striving to expand its business and promote high-quality development. At the same time, it also pays close attention to various places. The latest development of the epidemic. After learning about the construction needs of the permanent community isolation treatment facility designed and built by the central government in Hong Kong, Guangya Aluminum Co., Ltd. took the initiative to contact the project builder to accurately match the technical standards and requirements of aluminum profiles, and assist in the construction of "Hong Kong Penny's Bay Phases 5 & 6 and its opening." After nearly two months of intense construction, this project was completed and delivered on April 28, 2022, and it was put into use smoothly, providing a solid guarantee for Hong Kong’s response to the epidemic prevention and control. To Attack The Fortress, And The "Epidemic" Is Inescapable Duty The additional isolation facility in Penny's Bay covers an area of more than 450,000 square meters and has a construction area of more than 260,000 square meters. It is the largest community isolation and treatment facility project in Hong Kong. After completion, it will provide more than 6,500 isolation units. The additional isolation facility in Kai Tak covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 140,000 square meters. After completion, it will provide more than 3,000 isolation units. Both isolation facilities were designed and constructed by China State Construction International. After the project is fully put into use, it is expected to provide about 9,500 isolation units for Hong Kong. This project has a large amount of work, tight delivery time, high standards and great responsibility. In the face of the new crown epidemic in Shenzhen and Dongguan, Guangya Aluminum Co., Ltd. Improve process methods(Anodized 25um thickness) , and strive to ensure the supply of raw materials that meet the local acceptance standards in Hong Kong in the shortest time. In order to further shorten the delivery time, Guangya's production and delivery teams worked hard all night to seize the progress, and went all out to assist the Hong Kong Epidemic Prevention and Isolation Center Project in the supply and transportation of door and window materials, and contributed to the Hong Kong epidemic prevention and control work. Glorious Mission, Live Up To The Heavy Trust Guangya Aluminum actively responded and cooperated throughout the process, made outstanding contributions to the project, was awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier", and received a sincere letter of thanks from partners. At the critical juncture of stabilizing and controlling the epidemic, it is Guangya's honor and responsibility to ...
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  • CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2022丨 The first stop of Guangya Online Exhibition
    June 06, 2022 CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2022丨 The first stop of Guangya Online Exhibition
    The exhibition ended successfully, let us review the exhibition site. This exhibition named CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2022 that Guangya Aluminum participated in  mainly displayed aluminium profiles for windows & doors , T-slot aluminium extrusion profiles and other custom aluminium profiles. We connect with on-site customers through online video to understand each other.In this way, we can better understand the needs of customers and achieve win-win cooperation Buyers who come to the exhibition are also very enthusiastic and cooperative with this way of exhibiting.I believe this will be a new way to open up foreign markets under the normal circumstances of the epidemic.
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  • Unlock The Thermal Insulation Mode Of Aluminum Doors and Windows
    May 30, 2022 Unlock The Thermal Insulation Mode Of Aluminum Doors and Windows
    Thermal insulation profile is a category of Guang ya aluminum alloy products, which refers to a composite profile with thermal insulation function made by connecting aluminum alloy profiles with thermal insulation materials, commonly known as "broken bridge profiles". Thermal Break Aluminium Windows and Door Passing thermal insulation strips in the middle of the aluminum profile to form a broken bridge Effectively prevent the conduction of heat Assemble hardware, insulating glass, sealing strip, etc. Processed to doors and windows Advantage 1: Energy Saving In summer In the case of air conditioning, window frames with insulation strips can reduce the loss of cold air temperature more in winter Window frames with insulation strips reduce heat loss through the window frame Advantage 2: Sound Insulation The use of insulating glass structures with different thicknesses and insulating aluminum profile cavity structures can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent the transmission of sound, and reduce noise to below 40 decibels Advantage 3: Easy to clean Strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance Water and moisture resistant and easy to clean long lasting In order to improve the quality of aluminum alloy thermal insulation profiles, compared with the Chinese standard (GB T 5237), this project Guangya Aluminum has once again been raised to a new height, and the basic indicators of dimensional deviation have been improved. The key indicators such as tensile eigenvalue, high temperature permanent load performance, thermal cyclic deformation performance have been improved. Prove that the quality control of Guangya aluminum will be stricter than the Chinese standard.
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  • Guangya Aluminum's overseas exhibition are coming soon
    May 20, 2022 Guangya Aluminum's overseas exhibition are coming soon
    Empowering traditional exhibitions with digital technology, building a marketing system that integrates online and offline, and domestic and overseas linkages, has become a powerful weapon for Guangya Aluminum to expand overseas markets and expand export scale. From May to June 2022, Guang Ya Aluminum will rely on overseas entities to hold exhibitions, and domestic exhibitors will be linked online in the form of two-line and two-domain exhibitions. ) trade fair. CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2022 The 2022 Middle East (Dubai) home improvement and hardware accessories network exhibition and trade META double-line exhibition is the latest presentation of the BuildExpo home improvement and hardware accessories exhibition brand in the context of digital exhibitions, with a cumulative exhibition area of more than tens of thousands of square meters. The exhibits cover various categories such as building materials, home decoration, household appliances, smart home, equipment and security products, etc., providing a one-stop procurement platform for Chinese exhibitors and international consumers. Exhibition Time 30th,May, 2022 – 1st,June, 2022 Training Place Dubai World Trade Centre Booth Number H206 CHINA (Mexico) TRADE FAIR 2022 China (Mexico) Trade Fair has become the largest and most professional self-owned brand expo held by China in Mexico. It has become an important bridge connecting China-Mexico trade over the years. Products in the fields of food and home appliances. Starting from the needs of buyers in emerging markets along the “Belt and Road”, it breaks the traditional foreign trade service model and organically combines big data, the Internet and exhibitions to help Chinese enterprises develop the “Belt and Road” market. Exhibition Time 14th,June,2022 – 16th,June,2022 Training Place Mexico City World Trade Center Booth Number MC 203 Under the normalized prevention and control of the epidemic, Guangya Aluminum actively integrated into the national strategy, actively participated in the international market competition, and helped to build a new pattern of aluminum "dual circulation". Further expand foreign trade channels, expand international market share, and enhance the international competitiveness and influence of enterprises.
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  • Strength Award丨GuangYa Aluminum won the honor of
    March 11, 2022 Strength Award丨GuangYa Aluminum won the honor of "Top Ten Preferred Brands for Building Profiles" again
    On March 10, 2022, the "2021-2022 17th AL-Survey Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry Reader Survey and 'Preferred Brand + Annual Project' Selection Activity" hosted by China Construction Metal Structure Association and undertaken by China Curtain Wall Network (referred to as "AL-Survey") was held in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. Guangya Aluminum was once again rated as the "Top Ten Preferred Brands for Building Profiles", which is the fifth consecutive year that Guangya Aluminum has won this honor! AL-Survey, as the authoritative brand ranking of China's door, window and curtain wall industry, has been successfully held for 17 consecutive years. It has high authority and credibility in the industry, and has received widespread attention and positive response from the entire industry. Design institutes, construction companies, industry experts, consulting companies and other reader groups are one of the important references for brand selection and product purchase. As a leader in the aluminum profile industry, Guangya Aluminum has once again been highly recognized and widely praised by expert judges, real estate companies and the industry in this strict selection. Certification defines the brand's industry leadership. After 26 years of deep cultivation, Guangya Aluminum has formed an advanced aluminum processing intelligent equipment production management system. It has industry-leading advantages in the development of architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminium profiles, high-end decorative profiles, high-end system doors and windows profiles, etc. The deep processing industry chain is firmly in the forefront of the industry.
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  • Good luck for starting working | 2022 Tiger leaps into a new journey and reaches a new peak!
    February 11, 2022 Good luck for starting working | 2022 Tiger leaps into a new journey and reaches a new peak!
    On February 10, 2022 (the tenth day of the first lunar month), Guangya Aluminum ushered in the first day of the Year of the Tiger. At 9:00 a.m., members of Kecheng Guangya, Guangya Aluminum Group and middle and high-level leaders gathered at the main entrance of Guangya headquarters to hold the groundbreaking ceremony. At the same time, Guangya Aluminum's subsidiaries (Guangcheng production base, Shandong production base, etc.) Under the careful arrangement of the group headquarters, 2022 groundbreaking ceremonies were also held one after another, demonstrating the firm determination of all Guangya people to walk together and create a better future! Party member volunteers and security personnel of Guangya Aluminum Industry Party Branch strictly adhere to the first line of defense against the epidemic, arrive at work early, and do a good job in epidemic prevention work such as checking employee itinerary cards, Yuekang codes, nucleic acid test results of returnees, and body temperature measurement. . At the peak of returning to Buddha during the Spring Festival and the resumption of work and production in the spring, Guangya Aluminum further strengthened the epidemic prevention and control work, reminded employees to take measures such as personal protection when returning to Buddha, cooperate with registration and filing, personal health management and new crown vaccination, and make every effort to ensure the safety of employees. health and safety. Sprint with all the strength, fight for the goal Endeavour is at the right time, and the merit is real. On the first day of construction, the workshops of Guangya Aluminum have sounded the "Assembly Number" for resuming work and production, and sprinting for the first season of the New Year with a "good start"! Promoting production, rushing progress, and rushing orders with the highest efficiency, and fully guaranteeing the delivery of customer orders. We will continue to optimize production lines, expand production capacity, and strive to achieve the company's annual business development goals. Anchoring the goal, drawing a blueprint, and working hard to start a new situation, Guangya Aluminum will continue to work hand in hand with our customers and friends to create a win-win situation! Finally, I wish you all a prosperous and prosperous business in the new year, with abundant financial resources and rising step by step!
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  • GuangYa Benchmark Project On 2021
    January 27, 2022 GuangYa Benchmark Project On 2021
    Shandong Provincial Party School Hong Kong Science and Technology University Xi'an Museum Changchun Real Home Mall GuangZhou Vanke Expo China Resources Land · Future City (Xi'an) Wanda Plaza, UK Australia · Landmark Hotel Enyi Square, UK FiJi · Gordon St. Hotel
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  • GuangYa Major Time On 2021
    January 20, 2022 GuangYa Major Time On 2021
    In November 2021, Science (Guangzhou) Investment Group Co., Ltd. and GuangYa Aluminum Industrial Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony to establish Guangdong Science GuangYa Holdings Co., Ltd. In March 2021, Guangya Aluminum signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hunan Building Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Association to further improve the centralized procurement service system and vigorously expand the Hunan market. In October 2021, Guangya and China Railway Materials signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It is hoped that the two parties will become a successful case of cooperation between central enterprises and private enterprises through complementary advantages and deep integration. In October 2021, Guangya Aluminum and Kede Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In December 2021, Guangya Aluminum and the Caizhu e-commerce platform completed the signing ceremony of the strict selection of senior members, and the two parties established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. GuangYa Aluminum successfully passed the extremely strict standard audit of the mining and construction platform, and successfully entered the first "strictly selected" supply chain in the aluminum profile industry.
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