Quality Inspection


Quality Inspection


How Guang Ya Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. Control the Quality of Your Aluminum Extrusion


Guang Ya Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd. employs several quality control measures to ensure the quality of its aluminium extrusions. Here are the key methods we use,


1. Material Analysis: Guang Ya aluminium conducts thorough material analysis to verify the quality and composition of the aluminum used in the extrusion process. This analysis includes assessing the chemical composition, purity, and physical properties of the raw materials. By ensuring the high quality of the base material, we can maintain consistent extrusion quality.



2. Mechanical Testing: Guang Ya aluminium performs mechanical testing on the extruded aluminum profiles to evaluate mechanical properties. This may involve conducting tests such as tensile strength testing, hardness testing, impact resistance testing, and elongation testing. These tests help assess the structural integrity and performance characteristics of the extrusions.

                                -Guang Ya Aluminium Testing Center-

3. Salt Spray Testing: Slat spray testing, also known as salt fog testing, is commonly used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of aluminum extrusions. This test involves subjecting the extruded profiles to a saltwater mist or fog for a specified period while monitoring the effects of corrosion. By conducting this test, Guang Ya aluminium can ensure that aluminum extrusions meet the required standards for corrosion resistance.


4. Cross-Cut Testing: Cross-cut testing is used to assess the adherence and durability of surface coatings or finishes applied to aluminum extrusions. This involves making intersecting cuts on the coating surface and inspecting it visually or through further testing, such as tape testing, to determine its adhesion quality. This helps Guang Ya aluminium ensure that the applied coatings provide the desired aesthetics, durability, and protection to extrusions.

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-Laboratory Accreditation Certificate-China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment-


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