Thermal Break Aluminum Extrusion Profile For Sliding Windows & Doors

Thermal break aluminum profiles of doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is the fifth generation of new thermal insulation and energy-saving doors and windows after wooden windows, iron windows, plastic steel doors and windows and ordinary color aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its surface can be painted in various colors.
  • Delivery Port:

    Foshan, China
  • Production Capacity:

    700000 Tons/Year
  • Payment Terms:

    L/C, T/T
  • Material:

    Aluminum Alloy
  • Open Style:

    as Designs
  • Opening Pattern:

  • Surface Finishing:

  • Standard:

  • Transport Package:

  • Origin:

  • Function:

    Heat Insulation, Soundproof, Anti-Theft, Airproof, Insect-proof, Dust-proof, Invisible, Decoration

  • Product Detail

Thermal Break Aluminum Extrusion Profile For Sliding Windows & Doors

Advantages of Guang Ya Thermal Break System

  1. Broken bridge aluminum has good thermal insulation properties.
  2. Broken bridge aluminum waterproof function.
  3. Broken bridge aluminum anti-condensation, frost.
  4. Broken bridge aluminum anti-mosquito screen design.
  5. Broken bridge aluminum anti-theft and anti-loosening device.
  6. Broken bridge aluminum noise and sound insulation.
  7. Broken bridge aluminum fireproof function.
  8. Broken bridge aluminum. Sand and wind resistance.


1) Product Name: Customized Extruded Aluminium Profile for Sliding Windows & Doors 
2) Alloy: 6063, 6061, 6082, 6060, 6005, 6101, 6463
3) Length: Longest 8m (or upon clients' requests measurement the length). 
4) Surface treatment: Mill Finish, Powder Coating, Anodization, Electrophoresis, Fluorocarbon, Wood Grain
5) Package Method:  Transparent protection film on visible surface, several pieces packed with shrink bag.
6) Execute standard: ASTM B221, EN755, GB5237. 
7) Quality control: 100 quantity inspectors. 
8) Qualification:  ·  ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System;
                         ·  ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System;
                         ·  OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System;
                         ·  EN 15088: 2005 Factory Production Control;
                         ·  QUALICOAT Quality Labels for Sulfuric Acid-based Anodizing of Aluminium;
                         ·  QUALICOAT Quality Sign for Paint, Lacquer and Powder Coatings on Aluminium for Architectural Application

Production Equipments :

  • 70 Extrusion Production Lines (From 600 Tons to 5500 Tons)
  • 10 Casting Production Lines
  • 7 Powder Coating Production Lines
  • 11 Anodizing and Electrophoresis Production Lines
Total Annual Output can reach 500,000 tons.

Before each batch of goods is shipped, Guangya will control the quality of the goods through strict inspection.

Guangya has a professional loading platform to ensure that your goods can be loaded into the container in good condition.

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