Replacing wood with aluminum, the future trend of green environmental protection - all aluminum home

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Replacing wood with aluminum, the future trend of green environmental protection - all aluminum home

Replacing wood with aluminum, the future trend of green environmental protection - all aluminum home
August 30,2023

Now more and more people accept the green and environmentally friendly light steel housing, and more and more light steel villas have become the first choice for many people. The same green and environmentally friendly all-aluminum home is also favored by residents. After the popularity of light steel villas, why is all-aluminum home also popular?

Advantages of all aluminum home

1. Environmentally friendly materials

The aluminum alloy profile structure used for all-aluminum furniture has absolutely zero formaldehyde, and is a material that can be recycled and reused at a guaranteed price.

2. Waterproof

All-aluminum furniture is made of all-aluminum alloy profiles. It is not afraid of water or moisture. It can be washed and cleaned directly with water, and it will never rot. This feature is mainly reflected in all aluminum cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

3. Fire prevention

All-aluminum furniture has strong heat resistance, and tests have shown that it can withstand a temperature difference of 200°C without damage. Even if the whole piece is lit and placed on it, its surface will not be damaged after burning for a long time, which overcomes the disadvantage that ordinary boards cannot withstand burning. This feature is mainly reflected in the cabinet wall cabinet and the all-aluminum altar.

4. Anti-insect ant

All-aluminum furniture is extremely hard and is not afraid of any pests, even termites.

5. Impact resistance

All-aluminum furniture has strong impact resistance. The experiment proves that it can withstand the test of 227g steel ball falling from 3m without damage, and the bending strength reaches 150Mpa. Used under normal conditions, it can last for 50 years.

6. No smell

All-aluminum furniture is processed from aluminum alloy profiles and plastic-steel connectors in a clean environment, and the products have no peculiar smell.

7. No deformation

High-strength aluminum alloy profiles for all-aluminum furniture do not absorb moisture and have a small temperature expansion coefficient, so they will not deform.

8.Easy to clean

All aluminum furniture can be washed with detergent and water, and it is easy to clean.

9.The edge is firm

The aluminum profile structure of all-aluminum furniture does not have the problem of degumming and debonding, which is common for panel doors to be glued or thermally laminated.

10.Good durability

The all-aluminum furniture meets the quality requirements of the outdoor curtain wall after surface treatment such as deep oxidation and spraying.

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