Unlock The Thermal Insulation Mode Of Aluminum Doors and Windows

May 30, 2022

Thermal insulation profile is a category of Guang ya aluminum alloy products, which refers to a composite profile with thermal insulation function made by connecting aluminum alloy profiles with thermal insulation materials, commonly known as "broken bridge profiles".

Thermal Break Aluminium Windows and Door

Passing thermal insulation strips in the middle of the aluminum profile to form a broken bridge
Effectively prevent the conduction of heat
Assemble hardware, insulating glass, sealing strip, etc.
Processed to doors and windows

Advantage 1: Energy Saving

In summer

In the case of air conditioning, window frames with insulation strips can reduce the loss of cold air temperature more

in winter

Window frames with insulation strips reduce heat loss through the window frame

Advantage 2: Sound Insulation

The use of insulating glass structures with different thicknesses and insulating aluminum profile cavity structures can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent the transmission of sound, and reduce noise to below 40 decibels

Advantage 3: Easy to clean

Strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance
Water and moisture resistant and easy to clean
long lasting

In order to improve the quality of aluminum alloy thermal insulation profiles, compared with the Chinese standard (GB T 5237), this project Guangya Aluminum has once again been raised to a new height, and the basic indicators of dimensional deviation have been improved. The key indicators such as tensile eigenvalue, high temperature permanent load performance, thermal cyclic deformation performance have been improved. Prove that the quality control of Guangya aluminum will be stricter than the Chinese standard.

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