Wonderful Aluminum Journey, Moving forward with Reputation

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Wonderful Aluminum Journey, Moving forward with Reputation

Wonderful Aluminum Journey, Moving forward with Reputation
January 06,2024

The 2023 Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminum Processing Industry Technology Conference was successfully held, and Guangya Aluminum won the "Positive Contribution Award" again!

  On November 11, the "2023 Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminum Processing Industry Technology Conference" was successfully held in Nanhai, Foshan. With the theme of "Green Innovation, Firm Future, and Courageous Forward", this conference aims to guide the industry to use green as its background , continue to promote innovation in aluminum processing technology, products and applications, and broaden the path for high-quality development of the industry. As a pioneer in China's aluminum industry, Guangya Aluminum was invited to attend this conference and once again won the "Active Contribution Award" honor.



  As the first time it is held after the epidemic, this conference has higher expectations from both inside and outside the industry. It not only brings together local government leaders, leaders of friendly business associations, industry experts and scholars, prestigious universities and institutions, and representatives of upstream and downstream entrepreneurs in the aluminum processing industry chain. and the majority of aluminum processing practitioners, it also attracted many experts and scholars in the fields of industry, academia, and research to have in-depth discussions and exchanges here, collide with new ideas, and stimulate new vitality. The number of participants exceeded 2,500, and the live broadcast room had more than 240,000 people. online live viewing and discussion.



  The conference has a special commendation session to commend industry models who have made positive contributions to the development of the industry. Guangya Aluminum relies on its high-end brand positioning in the aluminum processing industry, excellent product quality, comprehensive technical support and high-quality supply services. He stood out in this conference and won the title of "Positive Contribution Award".



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